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Oak Ridge Locksmith

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How to spot a fake locksmith

Here are some tips to help you spot a fake locksmith.

  • No state license number: All locksmiths in TN must be licensed and post the number on all advertising, websites, and service vehicles.
  •  Phone number only: This is a BIG red flag!
  • Similar looking website to established locksmiths: Trust your instincts, call for verification.
  • Call centers: The majority of locksmiths are still small companies and don’t use call centers.
  • Super low price: No one can operate for $29… No one.
  • Cash only payment: Cash can’t be tracked and mobile payment options are available to all merchants.
  • Verify First! Find a locksmith and keep their number in your phone. This could save you tons of headache and hundreds of dollars!

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Oak Ridge Locksmith
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