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From the Owner: “We are open for business”

We would like our customers to know, that our focus is to provide essential security services, while actively preventing the spread of illness. We take the health of our employees and customers very seriously. Our employees are checked every day to make sure they’re healthy. They’re required to wash their hands, each time they arrive in our office and carry hand sanitizing hand wipes with them on every call. We clean our doors, counters and all commonly used surfaces, throughout the day, everyday, using disinfecting wipes and other cleaners. We have always practice good cleaning habits in our office, long before there was ever a Corona Virus scare. Why? It’s the nature of our business… We’re ALWAYS touching doorknobs and keys. Our mission has always been to protect the public and serve those in need of security. We will remain open to provide the best service possible to our customers. We’ll always do our very best to protect them through this unprecedented health crisis . Thank you again for your business and trust.

Keith Kors – Owner, Oak Ridge Locksmith

TN. Lic. # 00000023

What we’re about…
  • Fully Licensed & Insured.
  • A true family owned business.
  • All employees 15+ years experience.
  • Straight talk, quality customer service.
  • 41 years in business

We’re here to help!  Oak Ridge Locksmith provides clear, easy to understand invoices, with all company information. We NEVER sub-contract our service. All services are listed on the following pages. We appreciate your trust!

How to spot an unlicensed locksmith:
  1. No Tennessee State license number.
  2. Phone number only.
  3. No verifiable business address.
  4. No business name during phone greeting.
  5. Unmarked service vehicles.
  6. Large price increases when job is finished.
  7. Cash only demanded.


How to fight scammers:

  2. Copy and search the business address in Google maps.

$19 & $29 unlock ads are well known scams in the locksmith community.  Be careful when searching for a locksmith by phone or online. Trust your instincts. If the initial phone call  or price quote sounds weird, you’re probably right. Thanks again for your business and trust!

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