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From the Owner:

Thank you again for your business and trust! We’ve been servicing Oak Ridge, Knoxville and the surrounding area for nearly 50 years. Feel free to stop in and visit our full service show room, located across from Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge. Need several keys? We’ve got you covered! Our high volume key machines can make up to 20 keys per minute! Walk in repairs are always welcome and, if you just have a question about locks or keys, we’d be happy to help!

Keith Kors – Owner, Oak Ridge Locksmith

What we’re about…
  • Fully Insured.
  • A true family owned business.
  • Straight talk, quality customer service.
  • Nearly 50 years in business

We’re here to help!  Oak Ridge Locksmith provides clear, easy to understand invoices, with all company information. We NEVER sub-contract our service. All services are listed on the following pages. We appreciate your trust!

How to spot a scammer locksmith:
  1. Phone number only.
  2. No verifiable business address.
  3. No business name during phone greeting.
  4. Unmarked service vehicles.
  5. Large price increases when job is finished.
  6. Cash only.

$19 & $29 unlock ads are well known scams in the locksmith community.  Be careful when searching for a locksmith by phone or online. Trust your instincts. If the initial phone call  or price quote sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right. Thanks again for your business and trust!

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