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Avoiding Scammers

"Total Price"

Scammers will often quote a super low price for the unlock only, excluding the service call. Be sure to ask if the price quoted is the total price . This will help you to avoid surprise charges that could double or even triple your price.  


  • Pay by credit card to protect yourself.

  • Beware of “companies” demanding cash only.

  • Read Online Reviews

  • Verify Business Address on Google Maps

  • We always arrive in clearly marked service vehicles


The vast majority of locksmith businesses in the country are still “mom & pop” shops. If you’ve called for a locksmith  and reached a call center, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve reached a locksmith from out of state, that’s potentially a scammer.

We’ll do everything we can to make your experience as easy as possible. Feel free to stop in to speak directly with me at anytime and I’d be happy to personally assist you. Please accept my SINCERE THANK YOU, for choosing Oak Ridge Locksmith to handle your security needs!

Keith K. – Owner

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